St.Michael’s School students give excellent performance in sports and games items. We have a mini-stadium with a 200 meters track. It is mainly used for athletics, foot ball and cricket. We have two excellent pitches, one mud and the other cement. A new basket ball court , sponsored by OBA was inaugurated in March 2017 .The construction of an indoor shuttle court, table tennis court, volley ball court is in progress. We give students training in foot ball, athletics, wrestling, and table tennis. A good number of Michaelites have bagged prizes in various state and national level competitions. Many of them could grab attractive jobs with the help of their special achievements.

Martial Arts

Martial arts helps students to sharpen their concentration and improve their discipline. They also help the students in their overall development.  It is with this view that we are giving training in Karate, Judoo and Taekwondo .