Nursery  & Pre-Primary

St Michael’s Nursery School is functioning in a new building near the school. It has got a very good infrastructure and other facilities. Altogether 450 students are studying in LKG , UKG and play school sections. Boys and girls are admitted to the play school, but girls won’t be promoted to the school.  There is no direct promotion from UKG to the school. In the Nursery section the classes begin at 9.30 am and end at 3.20 pm. The application forms for admission will be distributed from the Nursery School office, normally  on 2nd of January . Further details with regard to admission will be given on the application form. Fr.Dominic Madathaniyil SJ is the director of the Nursery school.



The Kerala State Board Syllabus is followed in the school. The primary section of St Michael’s school consists of classes from 1 to 7.  Almost all the teachers in this section are ladies and they give motherly care to the children. Personal care and attention is given to students. All the teachers in this section have completed Anglo-Indian teachers training. Special efforts are made by the teachers to improve the standard of English.  Apart from studies students actively participate in club activities, arts and sports programmes, festivals and celebrations. Catechism and moral classes are given so that children pick up right values in the young age itself.



Secondary section consists of classes 8, 9 and 10. For the past many years, St Michael’s has been getting cent percent pass in the SSLC exam and this shows the excellent performance of the students in academic matters. In the secondary section students participate more actively in different programmes. Many students are members of clubs and voluntary organizations.  The school parliament election helps them to imbibe democratic values. Students are trained to grow in discipline in an atmosphere of freedom. There is cordial relationship between students and teachers. Remedial coaching is given to weaker students. Outreach programmes and study tours help the students to know more about the society.


Higher Secondary

St Michael’s School became a full fledged Higher Secondary School in the year 2000. Though the school had the plus two block ready in 1998 itself, the course was sanctioned only in 2000 August. There are three batches in the puls two section, namely Biology (Maths-Phy-Che–Bio), Computer Science (Maths-Phy-Che-Computer science) and Commerce (Accountancy-Economics-Business Studies-Computer Application). All the three batches have 50 seats each. The first batch which passed out in 2002 added a golden feather to the cap of the school with a cent percent victory. Both in academic and non-academic fields our students have set up a unique example of excellence. One of the driving forces behind this achievement is the dedicated and innovative role of the teachers. All together there are 17 teachers and three assistants in HSS.

Different kinds of  empowerment  programmes are   conducted for the growth and development of the students.  The regular and systematic activities like tutorial groups, remedial coaching, unit tests, terminal examinations, camps , seminars, interactive programmes, visit to the old age homes and orphanages etc strengthen the character of the students and broaden their outlook. The higher secondary section has got  very good infra-structure facilities such as library, laboratories, audio visual room etc. Many of our passed out students get admitted to professional courses and many others are well placed in top positions beyond the seas.