Counselling is a process to empower a person to face the reality. When listened empathetically and actively, the disturbed individual feels that some one cares for him, which makes him open up, explore, understand and ultimately change something in him to solve the problem. Now a days our children are facing a lot of problems and they are really in need of a counsellor to solve them. The goal of counselling is not only to solve the problems but also  to draw out the latent creative talents of the students. The counselling also helps in improving the relationship between parents, students and teachers which ultimately results in improving the performance of the students in various fields.


St Michael’s school provides the service of a full time counsellor for the benefit of the students. An integrated approach, taking into consideration the physical, spiritual, and mental development of the students is followed in the counselling programmes. St Michael’s school has been offering the help of a counsellor since 1998. Our present counsellor is Mrs Salooja  Baby.