Houses & Clubs

Many clubs are functioning in St Michael’s School. Club activities give students exposure in various fields . By participating in club activities, students acquire practical knowledge about different things. It is also a means of personality development. Camps, seminars, classes  etc. are arranged for students under the auspices of different clubs.Know More 

Voluntary Organisations


National Service Scheme is a voluntary organization established in order to introduce social service to students both as a measure of educational reform and as a means to improve the quality of educated man power. On September 24th 1969, the then Union Education Minister Dr. V.K.R.V.Rao launched the NSS programme in 37 Universities covering all the States. The scheme now extends to selected Higher Secondary Schools .NSS in St Michael’s School was started in the year 2007……………Read More


St Michael’s School has a coverage of the National Cadet Corps (NCC). It is a naval NCC Sub Unit under the command of the 9 Kerala Naval unit NCC, Kozhikode -5. There are 100 cadets and an associate NCC officer (ANO) in this troop. Every year 50 cadets leave the troop after the completion of their tenure of two years training……………..Read More


St Michael’s school has got a troop of  147 KNR(S) Scout .   This troop consisting of three patrols has got altogether 25 students. Ten students are going to write the test for Rajya Puraskar badge. The students are benefited in many ways by being a scout………………Read More

JRC (Junior Red Cross)

Children and adolescents also represent a substantial part of the membership of Red Cross for its humanitarian commitment. Young volunteers can make a significant contribution to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable people within their local communities through Red Cross programme……………..Read More 


Sports & Games

 St.Michael’s School students give excellent performance in various sports and games items. We have a mini-stadium with a 200 meters track. It is mainly used for athletics, foot ball and cricket. We have two excellent pitches, one mud and the other cement. The construction of an indoor shuttle court, table tennis court, basket ball court, volley ball court is in progress. We give students training in foot ball, athletics, wrestling, and table tennis. A good number of Michaelites have bagged prizes in various state and national level competitions. Many of them could grab attractive jobs with the help of their special achievements.Know More 


 Counselling is a process to empower a person to face the reality. When listened empathetically and actively, the disturbed individual feels that some one cares for him, which makes him open up, explore, understand and ultimately change something in him to solve the problem. Now a days our children are facing a lot of problems and they are really in need of a counsellor to solve them. The goal of counselling is not only to solve the problems but also  to draw out the latent creative talents of the students. The counselling also helps in improving the relationship between parents, students and teachers which ultimately results in improving the performance of the students in various fields.Know More 


St. Michael’s School is known for her budding musicians and singers. By their melodious and spellbinding performance they have mesmerized the audience. Our orchestra team has got students playing various musical instruments .  They won A grade in state youth festival held in Jan 2011. Also the school has got very good singers who have proved their merit in state level competitions. The present music master , Mr Shyju, with his talent and   expertise, has  produced many harmonious pieces by coordinating the individual talents of the students. He is also a very good composer.

Outreach Programme

Students are taken to  old age homes  and orphanages so that they will get a direct knowledge about the lives of the poor and the destitutes. This will help them to be more compassionate to the poor and the suffering. Students often distribute clothes and stationery items to the poor.

Festivals and Celebrations

 St Michael’s school gives a lot of importance to festivals and celebrations. Festivals like Onam, Ramzan,Christmas etc are celebrated with pomp and gaiety. Variety entertainment programmes, competitions, games etc are conducted on festival days. Snacks and sweets are distributed to the students. Festivals are occasions for students of all faiths to come together and enjoy and hence they promote religious harmony and brotherhood.


 School Magazine

Every year school magazine is published from the school. The school magazine contains the annual report as well as the articles and creative works of students. School magazine records all the important activities of the year and it is a valuable document.

MozhiAn inland magazine

An  inland magazine called Mozhi  is published from the school. The creative writings of the  students are published in it. This is done under the initiative of Mr Raison Mathew
Apart from this many small creative works are released from  different  classes.

Work Experience & Fairs

 St Michael’s school gives a lot of importance for work experience and fairs. Our students give excellent performance in different activities in connection with work experience and fairs.

Morning Study

 In St Michael’s the classes begin at 9.30 am. However those students who come early go to the class and study silently. This is called the morning study. Morning study time is 9.00am to 9.20 am. Students use this time to revise the lessons and to prepare for the day’s work.  Some teachers supervise this programme.

Students Empowerment Programmes

 St Michael’s School offers abundant opportunity for the students for their growth and development. Apart from co- curricular activiteies like sports, youth festival, club activities etc, we conduct many empowerment programmes. Students  are given regular training in yoga. These programmes give students more confidence and help them to give better performance.Know More