St. Michael’s School, started in 1865, is managed by the Jesuits, the members of a Religious Order known as the Society of Jesus. The society was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1540. St Ignatius sent his dearest and the most famous companion, St. Francis Xavier to India. With the coming of Xavier, began the long and distinguished tradition of Jesuit education in India.

In India, there are 118 schools,16 technical schools and 48 colleges run by Jesuits. In Kerala the Jesuits are conducting 5 schools, 2 technical schools and 2 colleges.St.Michael’s is a Catholic School, but admits students of all communities irrespective of caste and creed. Preference is given to Catholics in matter of admission.Great stress is placed on the importance of religion in the lives of students.

A Brief  History

According to the tradition, St Michael’s Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School was started in the late 1850s as a Malayalam medium parish school attached to the Holy Trinity Church, Kannur. With the effort of the then parish priest Fr Martelli,OCD, the administration of the school was taken over by Christian Brothers in the year 1862. The Brothers introduced  English into the school and put up a new building  for the school in 1864 which was completed in the year 1865. Since we dont have any documentary evidence about the nature of the early parish school, we consider 1865 as the year of starting of St.Michael’s school. The Christian Brothers continued the management of St. Michael’s parish school until 1887. With the departure of the Christian Brothers, the management of the school was taken over by the Jesuits when Fr Maffei SJ was the parish priest of Holy Trinity Church. Under the guidance and management of Jesuits, the school developed into a European middle school in 1907. In 1936 the school was raised to European High school and came under Anglo-Indian code. Owing to financial difficulties the school negotiated with the State Government and came under KER by a Govt. Order dated 01/11/1974.

Because of lack of space and the disturbance from the nearby textile mill, the functioning of the school in the Burnacherry campus became difficult. In 1950-s steps were taken to shift the school to a more healthy and convenient location with better facilities. Accordingly Fr Gilbert M.Coelho S.J., the then Superior and Headmaster of St Michael’s purchased a plot near the military maidan in 1956 and put up a building which later came to be known as Coelho Building. The Fathers residing at Burnacherry used to teach in the school going up and down till the new residence was built near the new school in 1973. The present property of St Michael’s was purchased by different Jesuits during a period of 20 years starting from 1956. The construction of the present main block was completed in 1996 while Fr Xavier Veliyakam SJ was the Headmaster. A Mini Stadium was also constructed in 1994 with the help of PTA. It is worth mentioning that the management graciously donated a high yielding coconut plantation for the construction of this stadium.

In 1997 Fr KC Philip SJ took charge as the Headmaster and the lamp was lit for another phase of growth and development of the school. In 1998 the construction of the Higher Secondary building started under the leadership of Fr KC PhilipSJ, the principal and Fr Philip Thayil SJ, the rector. The first higher secondary batch was started in the year 2000. The construction of the central block with stage on the ground floor and office on the first floor  was also started in the same year. Fr Thomas Anthraper SJ took charge as the manager and superior in 2001 and the works of beautiful lawn, the majestic statue of St. Michael’s and the present Jesuit residence were completed during his time, adding glory and beauty to the school.

Now the school has grown into a big institution with nearly 2000 students and 80 staff members. The school is progressing under the leadership of the present Principal Fr. John Francis SJ . He is entrusted with the herculian task of completing the multi-purpose, two storey auditorium. At present the school is equipped with all infrastructural facilities except an auditorium which is under construction. A very good atmosphere is prevailing in the school. Our teachers are competent and co-operative and they give leadership to different programmes, club activities, celebrations etc. The PTA has been very active since its inception in 1988.  They were behind all the noble ventures of the school. Now they have geared their strength towards completing the auditorium.  Our Alumni association is also functioning well. The present  Manager Fr.Dominic Madathaniyil SJ, Headmaster Fr Gracious SJ are serving the school in their own unique ways.